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Help Eminem to avoid the paparazzi and make his way on stage
Total Plays : 408
Unlock special moves and secret by completing the level. This is a fast pace ...
Total Plays : 446
Guide Shinji around the city taking pills and defeating enemies. It is actual...
Total Plays : 1 738
Most babies do not like to eat. Help them to destroy their food.
Total Plays : 426
An addictive game where you must collect the kids to stretch your limo. Hit a...
Total Plays : 412
Stickman fighting on the working desk
Total Plays : 497
Choose to play Fano or Mao in this street fighting game
Total Plays : 419
Play the role of fire fighter and stop the fire
Total Plays : 343
Your mission, now that you have choosen to accept it, is to turn Goldy the go...
Total Plays : 471
Play a pre-historic caveman in hunting fish using spear
Total Plays : 492
Improved version of the Fish Hunter game - play a pre-historic caveman in hun...
Total Plays : 469
Fun fishing game. To play, move the hook near the fish. Reel in the fish slow...
Total Plays : 643
Save as many people as you can from the ship
Total Plays : 408
Catch the ball with the stick. Try to get the ball hitting the cubes and let ...
Total Plays : 513
Play this quick reflex Pong against the super quick computer
Total Plays : 497
Control the power and angle to eliminate the enemy tank.
Total Plays : 359
Tetris clone
Total Plays : 344
Flashman is a variation of the ever popular classic Pac-Man game
Total Plays : 415
It is the battle between cat and dot.
Total Plays : 5 817
This game have no time limit. You may blast as many enemies as you wish but d...
Total Plays : 579
Flying Obstacles course - but this time you are not piloting a plane, you are...
Total Plays : 674
Fly your plane while collecting the red dots in this action game
Total Plays : 563
Move the flying squirrel around in order to collect points.
Total Plays : 393
Collect Porno pics and impress sexy girls in this anime RPG
Total Plays : 716